Friday, May 13, 2005

The concept of Jedi Power

The first time I ever thought about the concept of Jedi Power was about a couple of weeks ago, when I was about to order a cup of coffee and suddenly realized that someone had left a Star Wars collectable card on our table. I picked it up and stared at the inexpressive face of a probably 60 year old man, whose gray hair and gray uniform made him look rather uninteresting. Besides of the picture, the card contained some information about this low-profile character, such as his importance in the Star Wars saga, his ability to fight with light sabers and his amount of Jedi Power.

Although I didn't keep the card, I couldn't help myself making silly comments about it the whole evening, such as "I am not sure, Ingrid. I guess you don't have enough Jedi Power..." or "Hey Chris, stay calm, don't waste all your Jedi Power..."

The laughs faded after abusing from this joke a dozen of times, but I kept thinking about it during the following days. What would actually happen if there was some Jedi Power in all of us? Would life embrace a deeper meaning? Would men treat each other according to their respective amount of power, just as we admire people today for being good looking, smart or wealthy? Would it become the ultimate good, the one which would determine your social and economical status? Or would it become a rather funny thing to show in a boring party, like some people do today when they move their ears or touch their nose with the tip of their tongue?

Mhm... I guess I have a lot of time to think about superflous matters. But the good thing is that Episode III will be shown next week, and if things go well, the Jedi Power will be part of my past by then.

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robrueda said...

You know you’re not supposed to make fun about the FORCE. In fact there is Jedi Power in all of us, regardless that most people aren’t aware; how do you explain that you can make a bus stop by lifting your hand at the bus stop. Think about it for a while.

May the force be with you.