Thursday, May 19, 2005

Studying for the driving test

I have taken all kind of tests in my life, but the german driving test might be the hardest. So how is it? Basically you have 30 minutes to answer 30 questions, each one of them offering 8 possible answers. If you fail 4 of them, you fail the test as well. If you put that into perspective, it means you must be able to answer at least 90% of the questions in order to pass the exam... which looks kind of impossible for me, if you consider that yesterday I got 16 wrong answers in a sample test..!

But if you think about it, maybe the german authorities are right to be so strict about the subject. Back in college, when I was studying to become an electrical engineer, I only needed to know around 60% of the answers in order to approve a course... which implicitly meant, that the worst students of my class had a 40% chance of electrocuting someone with a bad design. If you extend this concept to the case of a driving test, it becomes clear that you cannot afford to have people driving around ignoring every second rule...

Well, Marcelo, it's time to study..!