Monday, June 20, 2005

Clemmens is out of town

After giving a succesful concert on Friday (see article Rascasse in Concert), Kerstin's brother is packing his stuff in his new car, looking forward to leave on Tuesday to Portugal. It will hopefully take him and his girlfriend one week to get there, that is of course, if his vehicle survives the french and spanish roads.

Yesterday I was invited to Kerstin's parents house for brunch, and after depleting the whole selection of bread, cheese and other delicacies, Clemmens asked us to help him install his new loudspeakers. As you see in the picture below, his mother, his girlfriend Lena and me were of great help for him. But if you still don't believe me, please check this movie, which I accidentally recorded while trying to take a picture...

Claudia, Lena and me helping Clemmens Posted by Hello

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globalloonan said...

Thats right ... Clemmens has left on a 3 week Eurotrip (I'd recommend steering clear of Rostocker City, unless you like that sorta thang). However, the place to be is Rostocker Str. I'm selling all Clemmz stuff dirt cheap to pay for next months rent. Once all his stuff is sold, I'll have more stuff than he, so I get the big room, he'll get my room. Once I move in to his room, I'll be perfectly situated for world domination.