Monday, July 18, 2005

I need holidays

The corridors on the fourth floor are emptier than usual. Most of Saperion's staff, including my boss, are right now on vacation. The only noise I hear comes from the motor of my new ventilator, which I bought today hoping to survive the season.

For some people this might seem a perfect scenario to escape home early, sit on their balconies and enjoy the almost ever lasting summer sunshine. Or to ride your bike around the city, find a nice Bier Garten to drink a couple of beers together with your friends or dip your feet into the warm sand of a beach bar. Entertainment possibilities are countless in summer, specially if you like outdoor activities.

The life in the capital city of Germany fully transforms itself whenever the temperatures reach the 25 degrees. People gather in parks, where they practice some sport, prepare some BBQs or simply lie on the grass.

But then there are people like me, who cannot manage to wake up early and arrive to work before ten. In winter the thing works really good, because at 12 you have lunch and then, knowing that nothing else will stop you of doing a good work, you can go on until 6, 7 or 8 pm. But in summer, it is a torture to think that I have to stay in the office while everyone is doing nice things. So then I escape, around 4 pm, and enjoy some of the Berlin summer until the night falls down, which is around 9 pm.

After the sun is gone, I come home again and start working, writing new lines of code into my software program. I work until I get tired, which is usually kind of late, and then of course, the next day I am unable to wake up early again...

This irregular lifestyle, however, it's starting to burn me out and now I think I need some real vacations. Going to the U2 concert, buying a new MP3 player, surviving a three hour long brunch, going to a BBQ party, playing soccer, preparing presents for Kerstin's 90 year old grandma, meeting some friends at an Irish Pub and riding my bike has been certainly fun during the last two weeks, but I must admit I am tired now and need some sleep. One day or two won't do, but I am so exhausted, that I cannot even stand looking into thousands of websites to find a decent vacation spot for August. There are some rumors about a camping trip and a one week holiday in Greece, but after our trip to Turkey failed, I have lost all faith in finding some place to unplug myself...


DailyEclipse said...

Pobre Marcelito!!
Yo no se si el camping funcione...
Pero a Grecia nos vamos fijo!!
metete en la tina, con la espuma para tina que le di a Kerstin, relajate y piensa positivo, que lo de agosto sale fijo!!!!

Catalina said...

Ey Marche, It’s really sad to see you that tired, you need to go out and rest… vacations can be good, but it is also really nice to take some days off just to stay at home. You also need to be aware that after you come back from vacation, you will have a lot of work repressed, so I highly recommend you that after your vacation, a week later after you come back take some other days off, to rest from all that repressed work.

Take it easy, and try to go to bed earlier, so you can get out of the office early, because if you continue with this rhythm, you will never get total rest, cause when you are out having a beer or something, you know that you can’t totally lay back, cause when you get home you have to work again and that is not healthy. If there is something I learned is not to bring work to my house… home is really just about relaxing and having fun.