Friday, July 22, 2005

Mis fotógrafos de cabecera

Back in my home town, Barranquilla, the best way to appear in the news is to organize a baby shower and call the local newspaper, El Heraldo. Next day, around 5 pm, some funny-looking guy will come to your house, wearing a tropical shirt and a pair of pants that are way too big for such a skinny person. You can tell he hasn't eaten anything decent for a week, so there he is, carrying his camera and willing to earn some money to spend on beer.

It doesn't matter if you are a really important person, a mafioso or the daughter of a maid, by spending some few pesos you are entitled to see you picture published on the next day's edition. A footnote will usually follow: "Marcelo Savignano just came from Europe. His parents are really happy to have him back. For this reason, they offered a very distinguished dinner at their appartment. From left to right, Marcelo's neighbors: Santiago, Osquitar, Maria Patricia, El Rob and March." With almost two million inhabitants in Barranquilla, it is quite sure someone will read the article and call you during lunch time to congratulate you for your "fifteen minutes of fame", but also to complain about not being invited to such event.

Thanks to God, things are much easier when you hang out with Ingrid and Chris. They simply take pictures of everything going on, so you can copy them from their blog into yours, without any hassle, and for free. This one, for example, is from our last weekend, when we were at the Irish Pub...

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