Wednesday, September 21, 2005

From intern to developer

Today I have been officially promoted to developer. In the world of Saperion, this doesn't mean I am getting more money, but at least now that I am sitting on the last floor of the building, I do have a nicer view from my window. Other advantages include meeting from time to time the CEO in the kitchen or the Chief Software Architect in the toilet room, having the IT guys just across the corridor -in case my laptop starts behaving like an old coffee machine- and being completely immune to those unproductive people that tend to pop into your office and approach you for no other reason than make you waste your valuable time. The sixth floor is something like God's temple on Earth, and only God's chosen ones -or slaves- are allowed to be there.

Even though my feet are located now about 15 meters above my old desk, my daily activities will probably stay pretty much the same, because since I joined the company, despite having been in three different positions already, I have always been a software developer. Back then, one and a half years ago, I was just an intern who couldn't speak German and who earned around 400 euros per month. Three months later, still not being able to speak German, I got promoted to applications engineer, which meant of course a real salary, but as I said, it was just a fancy name for a well known position. Sitting in between sales consultants, project engineers and support technicians kind of covered my illicit operations, though. Some months later, they decided to restructure the company, so I ended up becoming a solutions engineer, which of course, meant little more than developing software and making sure not many people will complain about it.

Now that my job description actually fits what I have been doing all this time, things should get easier for me, in the sense that no one will ever have the right to ask me for weird favors. Now I just can just answer: "Don't you see that I am a developer? I don't do these things anymore...". However, the good old days, in which I was the smart of the corridor, are now over. Now I am probably the only person in the whole floor who hasn't been typing orders to his computer for at least the last five years. Will this change my life? That's an interesting question, although who knows if I will still be there to hear the answer...

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