Sunday, December 04, 2005

My friend Roberto

Roberto has always wanted to be famous. When he was young and met a pretty girl, he always introduced himself as one of the few descendants of the Cuchicuta Count. We actually spent many nights composing songs, and hoped that "Carta a Lucas" or "Sol de Condiciones" would make us respectable in the world of music.

The time went by, and he started dreaming about bigger things. Many times, when asked about his future, he said he wanted to be the President of Colombia. Today his dream is to earn 20 million pesos a month and work from 7 A.M to one 1 P.M. I know he will make it...

But in the meanwhile, Roberto has lacked of recognition, so this is why I am writing today about him. Today your dream has come true, my friend: you are now famous, and your name may be searchable in Google Blogs :)

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