Monday, January 09, 2006

95 kilos

So he we are, back to good old Germany. If you ask me, the trip to Colombia was as good as it gets. It was really nice to catch up with my family and childhood friends, to sip and taste all kinds of natural juices (except for Poñeñe juice, given its abnormally high price) and to walk around almost bare-footed. The highlights were, of course, our annual trip to the beach house (we are becoming kind of civilized, though), our trip to Santa Marta and our visits to the Sugamuxi pool. Other remarkable activities or situations included playing Mario Tennis, eating chuzo desgranado de pollo and being able to park everywhere :)

On the other hand, there were of course some downlights, like getting incredibly sick in Bogota, being almost shot by some crazy guy while talking to my friends (my first live gun shots ever) and reaching my all-time weight record of 95 kilos. However, I was not the only one to gain some weight, as you can see here:

Santiago: 95 kgs
Marcelo: 95 kgs
Roberto: 88 kgs

Who is going to win the bet and lose the most pounds by the next time we meet? Probably no one... but it is always fun to keep track of these things..!

En la piscina del Sugamuxi


DailyEclipse said...

Que envidia esas vacaciones, aunque yo no me puedo quejar por que Noruega fue increible... pero nada como el pais de uno...

Marcelo said...

Tranquila, algun dia te toca a ti tambien ;)

Rob said...

¿cierto que fueron unas buenas vacaciones? Me alegra que hayas venido y que hayamos pasado un buen mes en barranquilla.

Un Barazo

Anonymous said...

I'm the guy who did the shots, you f$/%cking german wannabe, next time you drink a poor girl's beer I won't miss, you fig newton-eating motherhumper!