Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My Second Life

In my second life -that is, inside the virtual world of Second Life- my name is Camilo Clostermann. Tanned, muscular and with violet spiked hair, I look like some kind of Caribbean punk. Although I do not have many friends, one of them, Claudia, has been very kind to show me around, including her friend's mansion, private beach and a living room where a Shakira video is running 24 hours a day.

Sounds crazy? Well, Second Life just takes chatting to a different level. Sure, you can dance, fly or build things, but the main point is to chat, just as in the old ICQ days. You can even join discussion groups, like the Babylonian Residents, a bunch of peripathetic "philosophers" (like me) that meet every day at 11 AM (SL time) in a Babylonian temple to talk about nothing and a little bit of everything.

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