Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Time travelling?

What would you think of a guy that wakes up at 8.35 AM for his 9 o'clock class, takes a quick shower, skips breakfast, calls a cab and arrives to university... at 8.05 AM? Well, if we assume that time travelling is not possible (at least not in this point of time), and that the university in question is actually located in the same time zone as the charachter's home, only one possible explanation remains: this guy is pretty fucked up.

Of course, this is not an imaginary story. It actually happened to me this morning, and since I arrived 1 hour early to class, I decided to spend my time doing something productive and sharing it with you :)

But OK, I've still got half an hour for you guys, so I will now upload some pictures from last week's Egyptian night:

Egyptian night

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Ana said...

Hey, tu no tienes relojes en tu casa? Me hubieras avisado y te mando uno pa q mires la hora antes de salir...