Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Chinese Friend

Looking at Valentin's pictures I found this piece of art. On the background you can see Shanghai's skyline -very impressive, in fact-, but the best is definitely what you see on the front. Chinese love been photographed, so when I told this manga character to give me some room to appear alone in the picture, he actually thought I wanted him to be there...

What seems to be an isolated case of Chinese friendliness, is actually a rule in this great country. In several occasions people offered themselves to take us pictures, and once someone even stopped Valentin and I to ask: "Why are you guys so happy?". Our simple answer -we are just happy people- developed into a vivid conversation with the local, who told us some dark secrets about Shanghai.

Looking at this country I ask myself: what has happened to Latinamerica? Why are these Chinese so far ahead in comparison to us? They are definitely not more intelligent -at least not necessarily-, so all I can think of is commitment and friendliness... We are definitely friendly people -in average-, but do we care about commitment?

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