Friday, August 03, 2007

Multiple Intelligence

I would really like to thank Catalina for showing me this great link. Basically the test allows people to find out how often they use each kind of intelligence in their daily life. To my surprise, this test seems to favor my musical intelligence (if I had just known this before!). But math and interpersonal skills come right afterwards, so I guess the test cannot be that wrong... If you decide to take the test, let me know your results..!


Anonymous said...

Linguistic 31
Mathematics 31
Visual/Spatial 37
Body/Kinesthetic 34
Naturalistic 27
Music 36
Interpersonal 47
Intrapersonal 37

Cual es la media y la desviacion estandar?


Marcelo said...

Te debo esa informacion :)

DailyEclipse said...

Linguistic 32
Mathematics 38
Visual/Spatial 35
Body/Kinesthetic 38
Naturalistic 36
Music 41
Interpersonal 36
Intrapersonal 40