Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Lake Guatavita was one of the sacred lakes of the Muiscas, where they celebrated a ceremony in which the chief (or Zipa) was covered in gold before bathing in its waters. For centuries, researchers and gold hunters have tried to locate the gold - without any success.

Nonetheless, the location remains highly attractive for tourists and those looking for a place to relax, as you can see in the video below...


Anonymous said...

das ist ja ein schöner film helmut und ich sind begeistert und wir beneiden euch.
herzliche grüße aus dem kalten berlin
claudia und helmut

DailyEclipse said...
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DailyEclipse said...

Marcelo que buen video!!! y la musica excelente.
un abrazo frio desde Chicago!!

Anonymous said...

muy buen trabajo... me inspire para abrir algo mas en internetñ.... besos y abrazos