Friday, March 07, 2008

Cortina de humo?

The few that read my blog know that it rarely gets political (in fact, I think most of the time I am just philosophizing about those things no one really cares about). However, Mr. Chavez is deserving special attention in these days:

  • First, he cut diplomatic ties with Colombia over Colombia's attack to Colombian terrorist groups in the border with Ecuador (see post below).
  • Second, he convinced Ecuador's president to also cut diplomatic ties with Colombia, in spite of our apologies. 
  • And now, Mr. Chavez has convinced Ecuador's president to go around Latin America and ask their leaders to also cut diplomatic ties with Colombia. As funny as it sounds, he already found support, and guess who that is: Nicaragua, the country that has been asking Colombia for years to give them "back" a group of islands that never belonged to them!

I am not a political analyst, but this situation, even though absurd and embarrassing for the whole region, really gives us hints about the unclear political landscape in Latin America.

Now some issues to think about:

  • If Chavez is allowed to say that Uribe is Bush's puppet, shouldn't we also tag Nicaragua's president as a Chavez sub-puppet?
  • Why doesn't Chavez focus on stopping the 25% inflation problem in Venezuela, and rather sends thousands of troops to the Colombian border, even though there are no Colombian soldiers there to fight with?
  • Why is everyone talking about soldiers and attacks, when we should be talking about the recent discovery of a 300 million dollar transaction from Chavez to the FARC?

When I first said Chavez was the real Mr. Danger, I probably did not have enough facts to support my thesis. But the last happenings in the region clearly demonstrate that something strange is going on...


Catalina said...

I think that is really absurd the way this whole situation has turned. Countries, instead of being happy and supportive about our efforts to shut down the FARC, has taken the opportunity to attack our country with the intervention of that monkey of Chavez. I know we made a mistake by entering in Ecuador territory, but, if they don´t help us (as our defense minister showed), we have to get there and kill them ourselves. It is really sad that so many countries let Chavez enter in their international business... don´t they realize that he is almost broken and that he should be in a mental institution? it is really amazing the way he is destroying his country, for instance, in Venezuela, it is really hard to find basic products like milk, beef and even worse; toilet paper. All I really hope, is that the version that states that Chavez will end up like Noriega might come true.

scrat said...

I just found your blog on a random search, nice read! I agree with you on all the stuff above. This guy Chavez is using the oil to just mess up stuff. I read somewhere he even donated oil money to London!!...and nobody seems to care beyond the obligatory headline....the whole world seems to be more obsessed with the Democratic primaries....