Saturday, August 02, 2008

Falling in love

Falling in love is a strange process. With some of them it may happen from the first moment. With some others it may take a bit of time and knowing each other better. But with most of them, love never happens.

You might wonder what I mean with love never happens, so let's just do a simple exercise. First of all, think of all the people you have met in your life. How many are these? Maybe a hundred? Perhaps a thousand? And now think again: out of all these people, how many have you actually loved? Maybe one or two? Perhaps a dozen? If you count carefully, those you have loved will probably not exceed a 1% out of all those you have met. A really low percentage, which at least statistically speaking, suggests that love is -indeed- a rare thing.

I know, love is a boring topic. And the reason it's boring, it's because it appears everywhere. It's the topic of songs and movies. Of women's magazines and soap operas. Of books and most weddings. Yes, love is overrated and ubiquitous, so why bothering?

Well, motivation can originate from different sources. Need. Ambition. Boredom. Love. If you have enough, covering your needs is no longer motivating. If you have everything, all your ambitions may well be fulfilled - and that's precisely where boredom and love can kick in. Doing things out of boredom is usually non-sense, but it can be fun for a while. Doing things out of love may not make sense either, but at least it gives you the impression that you are doing the right thing...

Yes, love is a rare thing, so I keep trying. Real hard. Who knows, maybe one day I will fall in love with Cologne?

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