Tuesday, May 31, 2005

DRK Kliniken Westend

The room is white and clean. Two ladies lay on their beds as I come in. One is my girl, hidden between heavy sheets and giant pillows. She tries to talk, but it seems to hurt. "Don't worry", I tell her, "You better rest." She smiles and open her arms, so I hug her.

The second one smiles as well. I try to smile back, but my sight fixes on her body. Whether she has nice breasts or long legs, that's something I cannot tell. All I am able to notice is her powerful, prominent belly. How heavy must it be? The thing is enormous, but still so firm and round, that it's hard to imagine a such a shape coming out of a human body.

However, Kerstin does not seem to appreciate one of God's finest creations. Her thoughts are somewhere else, perhaps in a desert beach or an idyllic vineyard. Will she ever come back? I must be patient and try to understand her. Pain is a difficult condition and it makes you understand things you weren't even aware of.

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