Thursday, May 26, 2005

Kerstin's tonsils

I usually would not write about someone else's body parts, but apparently the time has come. My girlfriend's tonsils have been bothering her for a while, and after consulting at least 4 or 5 specialists, she has decided it's time to get them out.

In Colombia, a tonsil removal qualifies as a standard procedure, just as easy and straight-forward as cleaning your ears. If you have bad luck, you might stay one night in hospital, but next day you will be out of there. Misteriously enough, German doctors have decided she must stay 5-7 days under observation. Who is right here? I am not sure about that one either, but it seems as if someone is exaggerating a little bit here...

1 comment:

maria p said...

no lo puedo creeer!!!!!! 5-7 days! thats ridiculous!!
en la vida he oido de algo asi!
what in the world.....jaja