Thursday, July 06, 2006

Broadcasting now...

Today Roberto discovered that it is possible to check this blog’s latest posts without even opening this page..! To get the thing working, simply visit this site using Mozilla Firefox, click on the orange icon next to the address bar and that’s it..! Your 'Bookmarks' menu will then not only show a link to this blog, but also a list with its latest headlines. The list quickly updates itself everytime you start Firefox, so there's no need to actually navigate to this site to check if there's something new..!

If you still don't get what I am talking about, please read this introductory page on the RSS technology. As you will find out there, my blog is not the first page offering this service -where have I been during the last year?- so basically you can also add 'live feeds' to more dynamic -and perhaps useful- pages, such as CNN or BBC News.

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