Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The party is over

I just couldn't believe it. After 119 minutes of a mostly even game, in which Germany constantly created goal opportunities, Italy proved their genius and scored two goals that sealed their way to the finals. And with it, the party came to an end.

La definicion de una cara largaThe last three weeks have been probably the most enjoyable I have ever experienced in Germany. The mood at the beginning was a little bit cold, perhaps because of the German's scepticism about their team, but as the victories accumulated, Germans started to enjoy their own party. Suddenly a feeling of being in vacation invaded every space, including offices, parks and street cafes. Nobody talked about anything else, so soccer became the main dish and dessert of every conversation.

I have always had mixed feelings about Germany, so I never expected to support them in any sporting event (I still hate when Schumacher finishes before Montoya), but during this World Cup I fell in love with this country and its team. Every goal they scored was a goal I scored, every lost chance was a reason to jump out of my seat and drop an insult (in Spanish).

However, now that the party is over, I'll probably go back to my love-hate relationship. But at least I hope Portugal can make it to the finals. Otherwise, I just won't know who to cheer for...

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