Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Groundhog Day

Only God -and perhaps IMDB- knows how long I had been looking forward to this moment.Besides of Matrix and Lord of the Rings, few movies have been powerful enough to change the way I think. One of them, believe it or not, was Groundhog Day, the story of a man who "finds himself living the same day over and over again". Since then, every now and then I find myself thinking about the movie, and wondering about all the what if's of such an occurrence.

However, this weekend I was able to see groundhogs from another perspective. During my recent trip to Italy, the Beggio family took me to Moncenisio, a lake at the French border. Once we checked all the tourist spots, we got ourselves into a groundhog seeking tour. Groundhogs, or at least the French ones, are very careful animals, so if you get somewhat close to them, they will jump into their holes and that's the end of the sighting. However, this time we got lucky, so out of 20 shots of different animals, we got two almost National Geographic worth pictures.

Judge by yourself:


Rob said...

De acuerdo contigo en dos cosas: 1. esa pelicula da mucho que pensar y de hecho yo tambien me encuentro pensando en esa pelicula muy seguido.

2. Las fotos estan geniales, mas aún al verlas las dos juntas.

Marcelo said...

Gracias Rob. Me alegra saber que no soy el unico fan eterno de esa pelicula :)

Paola D.C. said...

Hola amiguito, por cosas de la vida y una piedra en el camino encontre tu blog y pues tube que aprovechar y darte un saludito ya que en anos no he sabido de ti. Cuentame como vas y por que rincon del planeta te encuntras, tambien para avisarte que quizas tengas el honor y felicidad de verme la cara muy pronto. Todavia esta no esta en blueprints, pero quizas me mude para Espana (Madrid).
Besos, Paola

Marcelo said...

Hola Pao! Que milagro saber de ti. Cual es tu correo? Escribeme a msavig@rocketmail.com. Un abrazo, Marcelo.