Sunday, September 10, 2006

Beach Volleyball

I know, it's been a while since I last published something that took at least three brain cells to write... but come on, it's summer, no one thinks in summer! Following the same line of shallow, graphical articles I started writing two or three months ago, this time I just wanted to show you a picture from our last beach volleyball session.

Now you must be thinking: Marcelo playing volleyball? Yeah, it's hard to process. I also thought I wouldn't like it, but believe me, the 'beach' in beach volleyball changes everything. First, the ball is lighter than in normal volleyball (either that, or I have grown stronger since high school). Second, if you jump to hit the ball, you are no longer scared of landing in a rugged or harsh surface.

Besides that, you don't even need a beach to play this sport. In fact, the Beach Volleyball Center in Berlin Mitte (located at S-Nordbahnhof, just one subway station from my house), offers over 40 sandy fields.

Ok, enough theorizing about a very simple thing. I just wanted to share my new passion with you, although I am not sure how long we'll be able to play it - you know, it's Europe, it gets cold sometimes...

Kerstin, Marcelo, Monna, Henrik & Anna

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