Sunday, December 10, 2006

One year ago...

1. One year ago I weighted 5 kgs more than today (Score: +1)
2. One year ago I sent a quiz to all my friends asking them tricky questions about me. This year I don't know myself anymore, so I have decided to spare them another quiz (Score: depends on whether you like quizes)
3. One year ago I flew on December 15 to Colombia and stayed there three weeks. This time I will fly one day later, but will stay just as long (Score: 0)
4. One year ago I used to earn less than I do today (Score: +1)
5. One year ago it was freaking cold here in Berlin. This year wearing a thin jacket is enough to keep you warm (Score: depends on whether you care about global warming)
6. One year ago I had never been to California (Score: +1)
7. One year ago I had never been to Copenhagen (Score: +1)
8. One year ago I still thought I could get any girl if I tried (hard enough). Today I wouldn't try too hard to get any (Score: depends on whether you are a girl and would like me to hit on you. If you are Kerstin, this means less competition, so +1)
9. One year ago I wanted to work for Microsoft. Today I want to have fun (Score: I don't know)
10. One year ago at least one of my best friends used to live in Berlin (Score: -1)
11. One year ago I was younger (Score: -1)
12. One year ago I didn't know what I was going to do next year. Now at least I know that (Score: +1)
13. One year ago I thought I was funny. I still think so (Score: -1)

Balance: In the last twelve months I have scored many points, but also have 'unscored' some, so altogether it's been a slightly positive year (Total score: +2). If you have some evidence that I might have ignored in evaluating my life in the last year, please drop me a comment...


DailyEclipse said...

one year ago I WAS THERE!!! (-1)
i miss u and all the GREAT moments we had in Berlin together!!

Marcelo said...

Your -1 doesn't count, cause by "at least one of my best friends used to live in Berlin" I meant of course you :) Take care, Marcelo.